About Wickenburg Flight Training

We have departed and flown north for the summer, however we’ll be back in October 2022 to provide flight training services in the Wickenburg area.

Loren French

Designated Pilot Examiner
ATP Single & Multi Engine Land | Commercial Seaplane & Glider
Certified Flight Instructor CFI | CFII | MEI

Loren provides flight training to all levels of individuals from students taking their first lessons thru seasoned aviators looking to enhance their skills.

Loren has worked in a variety of different aviation businesses of the last 25 years.  Prior to operating Alpine Flight Training in Eagle Colorado and Wickenburg Flight Training in Arizona he flew commercially for several different carriers operating the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 families of aircraft. Loren also worked for Eclipse Aviation in Albuquerque New Mexico developing both the Eclipse 500 aircraft and the Eclipse 500 training program.

Loren holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) in single engine land aircraft, a commercial license in multi-engine land aircraft, single engine seaplanes, and gliders.  Loren is type rated in the AirBus 320 Series, and the Boeing 737. With over 10,000 hours of instruction given, Loren holds instructional ratings for single engine and multi-engine airplanes, and instrument airplanes as well as ground instructor certificates for advanced and instrument ground instruction as well as seaplanes. Loren is a Gold Seal CFI and NAFI Master CFI.  Loren originally learned to fly at Eagle County Regional Airport in 1995, and the bulk of his 14000 hours of time has been flying and teaching in the Colorado Rockies.  In addition to instructing for Alpine Flight Training, Loren is a member of the FAAST Team (FAA Aviation Safety Team), and a Designated Pilot Examiner for Private, Instrument and Commercial both Single Engine and Multi Engine.

Contact Information

Loren French

Cell: 970-401-4104

E-Mail: [email protected]